Industrial Sites


The CRC and BPD industrial sites have available property which can be purchased for development or we can built to suit.   Built to suit facilities can be leased or purchased upon completion.   

CRC Site Summary

▪  Operating railyard with unit train capacity
▪  Six day a week rail service and on site yard locomotive
▪  Connections to all Eastern Class One Railroads
▪  Site improvements including roads, parking, drainage
▪  Located on NYS Route 5, accessible to major highways
▪  Approximately 40 acres currently available 

BPD Site Summary

▪  Property is serviced by LA&L Railroad with on demand switching
▪  Connections to CSX, CP, NS & R&S Railroads
▪  Located within unique highway corridor providing effective transportation opportunities
▪  Approximately 80 acres currently available 


CRC Site Information Sheet (pdf)


BPD Site Information Sheet (pdf)



CRC Industrial Property Location

2773 Caledonia Leroy Rd, Caledonia, New York 14423, United States

Bulk Products Industrial Property Location

3142 Bronson Hill Road, Livonia, New York 14487, United States